A pioneering Decision-Support Tool, based on mathematical models to predict agri-food residual streams and to identify best routes for valorising them

Expected results

A Decision-Support System Tool validated in a real-life environment


A software platform with a cross-cutting perspective: technical, economic, environmental and social aspects. Validation in 4 countries: Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Greece.

Technical Elements

Simulation Module

Optimization Algorithm

LCA Module


Valorising the agri-food waste will have a huge environmental and economic effect, redesigning our food systems and building more circularity into them.

Decision-Support System Tool

Simulation Module + Optimisation Algorithm + LCA Support Tool

What makes us different ?

Model2Bio will be the only program to simulate the entire value chain and the whole industrial process

Learn about the Model2Bio tool from our experts

News & Events

September 29th, is International Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day.🥗 Food should never be waste!❌ Don't miss the video we have prepared to raise awareness on this day.👇 #FLWDay #stopfoodwaste #SDG @Food_EU @EUAgri @UNEP @CBE_JU @Cluster_CluBE @FlandersFOOD

The food supply chain is the top source of global greenhouse gas emissions due to food processing, packaging, transport and waste. 🌽 #FLWDay

Whether the food is consumed or not, greenhouse gases are produced at every stage of the food supply chain.

Among the greenhouse gases, methane is more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere. 🌍 #FLWDay

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