A pioneering Decision-Support Tool, based on mathematical models to predict agri-food residual streams and to identify best routes for valorising them

Expected results

A Decision-Support System Tool validated in a real-life environment


A software platform with a cross-cutting perspective: technical, economic, environmental and social aspects. Validation in 4 countries: Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Greece.

Technical Elements

Simulation Module

Optimization Algorithm

LCA Module


Valorising the agri-food waste will have a huge environmental and economic effect, redesigning our food systems and building more circularity into them.

Decision-Support System Tool

Simulation Module + Optimisation Algorithm + LCA Support Tool

What makes us different ?

Model2Bio will be the only program to simulate the entire value chain and the whole industrial process

Learn about the Model2Bio tool from our experts

News & Events

Our friends at @Model2bioEu have just published their white paper on waste management. 📄✨
Explore a lot of useful info about managing food and drink waste. 🍏🥤
Read the full paper here: Thanks for having us onboard! 🙌 @CBE_JU @biconsortium

As we are wrapping up our remarkable journey, we're thrilled to share some results of the Model2Bio project. Here are the highlights of our incredible endeavor👇

At our last meeting in San Sebastián, we shared a joint emotion: It is a happy and a sad phase when a project comes to an end. The Model2Bio project has been an incredible journey for us and it is great to see that many people are interested in our work. T

Together with many projects, we're contributing to more sustainable & innovative future @OLEAF4VALUE , @hoop_eu @FOODRUS_EU #H2020 @Wasteless_EU @ALIGNED_HE B-resilient @biobesticide @INFORMBIO_IE @MainstreamBIO @micro4biogas , @MixMattersEu @BioBeo_EU @Brilian

Food loss is 14% because agri-food companies waste valuable by-products like potato peels, often using them as animal feed. Finding alternative uses is essential for sustainability. Guy Vandenbroucke from LUTOSA, explains it in the following interview 👇

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