A pioneering Decision-Support Tool, based on mathematical models to predict agri-food residual streams and to identify best routes for valorising them

Expected results

A Decision-Support System Tool validated in a real-life environment


A software platform with a cross-cutting perspective: technical, economic, environmental and social aspects. Validation in 4 countries: Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Greece.

Technical Elements

Simulation Module

Optimization Algorithm

LCA Module


Valorising the agri-food waste will have a huge environmental and economic effect, redesigning our food systems and building more circularity into them.

Decision-Support System Tool

Simulation Module + Optimisation Algorithm + LCA Support Tool

What makes us different ?

Model2Bio will be the only program to simulate the entire value chain and the whole industrial process

Learn about the Model2Bio tool from our experts

News & Events

#ByProducts from the #AgriFood industry are different all over Europe. Model2Bio recognises that and develops a tool that helps agri-food companies across the continent to reuse their by-products!

Click the video and watch the full interview with Mr Ntavos from @Cluster_CluBE

#ByProducts left over after processing food do have a value!

Model2Bio develops a tool that helps companies
- identify valuable by-products &
- select the best way to reuse them

Click on the video to watch the full interview

#Meat #Dairy #Vegetables #Beverages

After food processing, #AgriFood companies are left with different by-products. Model2Bio develops a tool to help #AgriFood companies make use of these by-products.

Follow the link to watch the 3 min interview with Nikolaos Ntavos from @Cluster_CluBE
#BioEconomy #CircularEconomy

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