A pioneering Decision-Support Tool, based on mathematical models to predict agri-food residual streams and to identify best routes for valorising them

Expected results

A Decision-Support System Tool validated in a real-life environment


A software platform with a cross-cutting perspective: technical, economic, environmental and social aspects. Validation in 4 countries: Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Greece.

Technical Elements

Simulation Module

Optimization Algorithm

LCA Module


Valorising the agri-food waste will have a huge environmental and economic effect, redesigning our food systems and building more circularity into them.

Decision-Support System Tool

Simulation Module + Optimisation Algorithm + LCA Support Tool

What makes us different ?

Model2Bio will be the only program to simulate the entire value chain and the whole industrial process

News & Events

What is #biomass❓
What new technologies exist to process biomass❓

In this booklet: Everything you wanted to know about biomass but were afraid to ask
by our partner @WUR

Transformation to #CircularEconomy might seem challenging to #AgriFood #SMEs. But it does not have to.

This e-book gives you a comprehensive overview of some key aspects of the circular transformation of the agri-food sector. Have a look!

by #SinceAFC

24 months into the project, we met for the first time in person at @Ceit_BRTA and @tecnun. Finally we were able discuss in detail all the progress we made and challenges we encounter on the way to develop a tool for the food industries to optimise their residual streams.

🗓 We’re hosting our #online Final Conference and Train-the-trainer workshop on May 17!

Learn about project results, case studies, our Toolbox and much more!

🔜 You can now register for FREE here https://t.co/pvN68HLdI4

Can #recycling and #CircularEconomy help recover from the Covid pandemic? ♻️

Interesting read for your lunch break 🤓

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